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Why does losing weight have to be so tough?

I know there are countless blogs out there on losing weight and the latest diet crazes, from only eating apples through to Slimfast milkshakes, but I wanted to share what I’ve finally plucked up the courage to do and have been doing for a very long, long, long (you get the idea) three weeks.

So I joined Slimming World: a weekly weigh in, sitting in a circle applauding how much you’ve lost so far and a chance to share recipes and lunch/dinner ideas; and for me it is working, as so far I’ve lost 8lbs, but it’s really not been easy.

Slimming World

It’s not about starving yourself and your Slimming World consultant will slap your wrists if you even mention the word hunger, but it is about eating the foods that Slimming World allow you to eat without the syn value. The littlest of things carry a syn: 1 level tablespoon of tomato sauce is 1 syn, even a tablespoon of lower fat butter is 4 syns…you get the idea. So in one bacon sandwich you’ve used probably about 6-7 syns and that’s only the condiments, cut the fat off the bacon then it’s slightly better but when you’re only allowed 15 syns a day, it’s better just to cut it out altogether.

It’s this that I’ve found tough. I’ve gone completely cold turkey as I believe if you don’t then you’re still going to be eating chocolate and cake (some little cakes or a Curly Wurly is still within that 15 syn limit) and keeping those sweet cravings happy.

I simply love crisps, toast, cheese and mayonnaise however if I were to have this in one day then you’re looking at over 30-odd syns! If you want to really loose weight then just don’t bother.

After four years of piling on the weight, thanks to uni and being in a relationship, I finally thought sod this I need to do something about it; so here I am having to plan every meal, buying countless amounts of fruit and getting a weigh in every Wednesday hoping for a number that’s edging closer to my target.

Fruit, fruit and how about some more fruit in paper bags?
Fruit, fruit and how about some more fruit in paper bags?

I’ve also found it very tough deciding to do this around Christmas, work parties, goodies brought into the office and dinners out with the other half’s family means my will power has been tested to the max. When our intern left work we had two large pizzas, a tub of quality street and two packs of mince pies brought in yet I made myself say no and stuck to my pasta and ham instead.

Pasta that I now cook in bulk on a Sunday night ready for the week ahead as without a packed lunch lunches can prove very ‘synful’.

Lunch for the week

I will keep you informed of my weight loss and how on earth I plan to stay on track over Christmas when all I want to do is stuff myself with turkey and bread sauce and enough chocolate to fill Willy Wonka’s factory; but when you’ve got over 4 stone to lose I haven’t really got a choice!

4 thoughts on “Why does losing weight have to be so tough?”

  1. The point is to start and acknowledge which changes need to be done! I’m proud of you and I’m looking forward for your process! Good luck and have fun?! haha Greeting from Slovenia!


  2. It’s hard at this time of year. Syns practically fall in your mouth out of the air, but going to group every week (whether you have stuck to plan or not) is a victory in itself.
    It does get easier ☺ I had the worst sugar withdrawal in the first two weeks but i’ve stuck to it for 7 months now and have loat 4st 11lb. Hopig to hit 5st before New Year. Stick with it, it will be worth it 🙂

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