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New SP plan from Slimming World to shift the Christmas weight

Christmas is obviously a time most dieters dread I had good intentions to begin with and started the beginning of December thinking right I’m going give myself one day off and then get right back on it.

Slimming World

Obviously this did not happen. It got to Christmas eve and I was sat there with my group of friends tucking into my Christmas meal of a turkey burger with pulled pork, chips and a salad bowl complete with full fat mayonnaise and a pudding that was a chocoholics dream (which of course was not Slimming World friendly).

Then it came around to Christmas Day and a three course Christmas meal at a Toby Carvery where it was help yourself galore to everything that was calorific. After a starter that filled up my now shrunken stomach and a main that was piled high I actually made myself feel very sick. However this was not the usual overfill yourself feeling sick this was a feeling very dizzy kind of sickness because I simply hadn’t consumed that amount of food in a very long time.

Didn't quite look like that but you get the idea. Credit to Toby Carvery
Didn’t quite look like that but you get the idea. Credit to Toby Carvery

So of course when I came round to weigh in a week later lo and behold I had put on a lovely 3 pounds in 4 days! 3lbs that usually takes a week to come off!

However all is not lost as Slimming World have introduced a new plan to help shift those Christmas pounds and get you back on the right track. It’s called the ‘SP Plan’ and the idea is to have half your plate full of protein (P) and the other half full of super foods (S) or foods that are free in terms of syn value. Then to compensate for the lack of carbs and fibre you’re allowed two ‘B’ choices which is your fibre so you can technically have 4 slices of wholemeal bread with a wad of ham and a large chicken breast between it and you’re golden.

Our Slimming World advisor said that people have been reported to lose 10lbs on this plan so definitely giving this one a good go. Only thing is you can’t have potato or sweet potato which normally you’re allowed and I live off so it might be more difficult than anticipated.

£90 Tesco shop later though on protein rich food I’ll report back on Wednesday on how much I’ve lost on this new plan (fingers crossed).

7 thoughts on “New SP plan from Slimming World to shift the Christmas weight”

    1. Find out tonight how much I’ve lost but honestly worth a go. I’ve missed potatoes but I like chicken anyway so it’s not been too much of a change from the original plan I was on. 🙂


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