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What I’ve been eating on Slimming World’s SP Plan

So in my last post HERE I told you that I was giving Slimming World’s new SP plan a go as I had put on a lovely 3lbs over the four days of Christmas and really needed to get back on track to losing my four stone! My weigh in day is Wednesday evenings (Westbourne in Dorset) and I’ve been on this protein and super food option since Friday and have so far found it relatively OK.

I have had a little cheeky weigh in on my crappy Argos scales over the weekend and it says that I’ve lost 4lbs which I’m not going to really trust but it did give me that much needed boost. I’ve mainly been surviving off chicken but I’m not going to lie I have missed potato massively and more to the point sweet potato that I would usually chip and then coat in Frylight and herbs (I’m dribbling thinking of them!).

But sweet potatoes aside this SP plan has made me far more creative with food and seen my buying foods that I wouldn’t normally put in my virtual shopping basket. Yellow split peas for example who knew that these sweetcorn looking things would be both filling and yummy in stews and probably something I’d put in a bolognese too.

Here are some dishes I have so far created.I will of course report back after weigh in on Wednesday to tell you how much I’ve lost.

Enough to feed an army
Enough to feed an army
So this is how the plan started with copious amounts of fruit (also more fruit in that brown bag) which has been great snacks between meals and when I need that sweet fix.

Monster of an omelette
So this was seriously a monster of an omelette complete with mushrooms, pepper, Quorn sausages, tomato and lots of herbs (as always) and red onion. It also doubled up as lunch the next day as it was so filling and really did taste good.

Oh so long to cook!
This might look a bit disgusting and took a stupid amount of time to prepare and cook without the aid of a slow cooker but it really wasn’t that bad to eat. Substituting Bisto for Oxo stock cubes didn’t really make too much of a difference once a load of veg was shoved in. Complete with yellow split peas, mushrooms, courgette, broccoli, beef, herbs and spinach this was a meal that was completely free in terms of syns and ticked all the boxes for the SP plan.

Let me know what you’ve been cooking as I’m always needing some inspiration for dinners.

7 thoughts on “What I’ve been eating on Slimming World’s SP Plan”

  1. Hi there just came across your blog looking for SP recipes, I wants to ask do you have 2 HE Bs each day? I don’t see you mention them, they ate carbs so it’s obviously not a carb free diet and also do you always have lots of S foods with meals? Thanks


    1. Hi yeah I had two slices of wholemeal bread and bran flakes per days as 2 healthy b choices.

      I think they said that as you aren’t eating much carbs you have to have extra fibre, so you can have two healthy b’s.

      I had a lot of chicken and eggs and then added a lot of vegetables to it.

      Thank you for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


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