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Slimming World’s SP Plan – It works!

As you all know by now I’ve been trying out this new SP plan from Slimming World (post HERE), I’ve given it a good go for the past six days and I can now definitely say after weigh-in tonight that it works as I lost…5.5lbs!!

Over the moon with this result and will be giving it another go for another week as if I can lose 2.5lbs next week then I’m into the next stone bracket down, which I have not been for around two years. After that I will probably start to introduce sweet potato again into my dinners as seeing them in Asda today at 67p a bag did make me weep a little inside.

Here is what’s on the menu tonight:

Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out

(Excuse the bite out the toast, I got hungry) Two pieces of wholemeal toast, beans, scrambled egg and two Quorn sausages (1 syn each) – also discovered that when I’ve made my scrambled egg before it’s come out really rubbery as I don’t ever have any milk in the fridge so I put a Laughing Cow extra light cheese triangle in it and the result was rather yummy! Also used one triangle to put on my toast instead of butter which is saving on those syns again.

Tomorrow night I’m going to try butternut squash chips as I would normally use sweet potato (sob!) but going to give the squash a go and hope it tastes similar.

So happy with the result tonight and I really would encourage this new plan as it really does seem to be working.

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