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Slimming World’s SP Plan – weigh in today

My weigh in is today at Westbourne in Dorset and I’ve been on Slimming World’s new SP plan for six days now and yes, I’ve missed potatoes and yes I’ve found dinners quite difficult but I’m really hoping for a good loss and the scales to be kind.

This is what I’ve been having for lunches:


Chicken with lettuce, extra light cheese triangles, ham and with light, fat free vinaigrette which I’ll add to it later.

And this was last night’s dinner:


Looks OK doesn’t it but oh how looks can be deceiving! My Quorn pieces with spinach, courgette and mushroom in a carton of chopped tomatoes tasted awful. I really couldn’t be bothered to cook chicken as I’ve been having this for lunches and when I got in from work last night I was mega hungry.

This was quick and relatively easy but honestly it tasted awful and I’ve got the majority of it left in the pan!

This I think has been the problem, if I don’t have anything prepared or ready to shove in the microwave then I end up with either rubbish-tasting dinners or the same thing I had two nights before.

Hoping I can get some inspiration at group this evening and start to have dinners that are a bit more exciting.

2 thoughts on “Slimming World’s SP Plan – weigh in today”

  1. I’m planning to do SP next week (from tomorrow actually), so have been looking for inspiration from my group already. I think stirfrys seem popular, but I have already made a huge chilli, with beef and loads of beans. We’ll see how it goes though, as like you I love a potato! Good luck at weigh in!

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