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10 sights of the world that I would love to see

I saw an article recently from The Huffington Post on 10 Bucket-List Places You’ll Almost Definitely Never Get To See (article here) and it got me thinking about places that I would love to say I have been to and seen for myself.


1) First has to be seeing whales up close

I don’t think until you see one up close can you really appreciate just how huge these creatures are. To be able to be say that you’ve seen a whale would be simply amazing and definitely something that I need to do in my lifetime.

Niagra falls

2) Think this one appears on most people’s lists but Niagra Falls

Predictable but there must be something about it if it’s on many a bucket list. I really do love water, whether it’s a water fountain in someone’s garden or simply a fish tank; to see this sheer amount of water in the form of a waterfall will make me the happiest person on earth.


3) New York, New York

This has been on my to-do list for many years and it will continue to be there until I finally achieve my dream of heading to New York in December.

I want to see Times Square, to see the amount of lights they have around Christmas time just about everywhere and to hear someone say ‘ya wanna cup of cowafee (that’s coffee said in a New Yorker’s accent).


4) I don’t handle the heat too well but a safari trip in Africa has to be on the list

Seeing those big animals in the zoo is great but you can’t help but feel a bit sad that they’re not in their natural environment so to go and visit them at their home is definitely one for this list.


5) Experience Paris

This is one that most have already ticked off their lists twice over but I’ve never had the chance to visit the Eiffel Tower and see what Paris is like for myself. Everything about France, especially Paris, just seems to draw you in: the language is sexy, the food looks incredible and it’s simply a pretty city.


6) Another similar to Paris, Venice

Again for the pure beauty of this Italian city. You see it in films and hear about how picturesque it is but like the whales I don’t think you can truly appreciate it unless you experience it yourself.

I would love to take a gondola through the canals and soak in the culture and history, to sit in a little cafe eating pizza and drinking wine.

Scottish highlands

7) One closer to home but I really would like to see the Scottish Highlands 

I think sometimes we don’t appreciate our own country that we live in and the sights that can be seen without having to travel two hours+ on a plane.

I’ve always been drawn to Scotland and would love to trek through the Highlands, with a hiking pole pretending that I know how to trek with my pole in one hand and map in the other (more likely to be a hip flask of whisky cos I’m probably going to freeze and need something to warm my insides).


8) New Zealand

Just New Zealand full stop. Doesn’t matter where really just anywhere in this country would make me feel content with life.


9) Vegas baby!

Back to America again for this one (maybe I could just knock them both out together in one trip?) but I would love to say I’ve been to Las Vegas. To go to the casinos and waste loads on money on the roulette tables pretending I’m in that film ’21’.

And finally…


10) Disneyworld

Yes I’m still a kid but as you can tell by the previous point I’ve not even been to the Paris one and honestly would be in my element there. I think you’d get swept up by the magic of Disney and forget that it’s some underpaid failing actor in a fuzzy suit or wearing an oversized pink dress.

What are the sights that you would love to see so you can tick them off your bucket list?

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