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Slimming World’s new SP Plan – It’s been a bad week

So nearing the end of my second week on Slimming World’s new SP Plan and the past few days haven’t been brilliant with wine, dinner out, POTATOES and chocolate dessert! The annoying thing is that I’m only 2.5lbs away from the next stone bracket down but the weekend might have put a little stop to me achieving that.

I also said that I would get organised and cook in bulk yesterday and freeze some portions so I had quick and easy dinners during the week…this also did not happen. Instead I ended up with another omelette Friday night, 4 course dinner at The Crab in Bournemouth on Saturday and a 2 bowls of Bran Flakes for Sunday night’s dinner!

So Friday I decided to go one step further with my Laughing Cow light triangles and melt them with some mushrooms to put in my omelette, not quite garlic mushrooms but they weren’t bad.


Then it came to Saturday and here is just some of what I ate, what isn’t showing is pork belly starter with mash potato and the bread basket that was placed on our posh table for free with three different spreads!

Mushroom Velouté with white truffle oil

Half a lobster in garlic butter
Lamb shank with mash underneath
Lamb shank with mash underneath and yes those are more potatoes on the side
Feast for two – don’t think this is on the SP plan somehow!

I was too ashamed with all that I have eaten that I didn’t even bother taking a photo of the dark chocolate mousse dessert complete with fruit that had clearly been soaked in sugar. It did taste good but the guilt was awful that this is what I had for lunch yesterday…although even that I had to syn the sweet onion sauce.

Subway salad

However I am hoping for a miracle and for a small loss on Wednesday, otherwise I’m just going to end up very angry with myself over one day relapse. I’ve got my usual chicken salad ready for lunch today and tomorrow so I’m going to try and desperately claw it back, so come Wednesday when I step on those scales I’m not going to end up crying!

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