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Slimming World, The SP Plan: it kinda works

So weigh in happened last night and I only lost 1lb, however I wasn’t the only one that had been doing Slimming World’s SP Plan for the second week and failed to lose the same amount that I’d lost the previous week (a whopping 5.5lbs!)

Like me, others were disappointed with their result, granted I had eaten an absurd amount of food only four days before (post here) but the other six days I had been good and thought I would lose at least 3lbs.

Our Slimming World advisor Barbara did say that perhaps 14 days in a row isn’t correct for us slimmers as its making our bodies think we’re on a diet; something that Slimming World is not. She said that she’s learning about this plan at the same rate of the rest of us but has advised to go back to the Extra Easy plan with a few SP Plan days thrown in.


So yes, it’s going to happen….I’m going to introduce potato and pasta back into my diet and I couldn’t be happier. I am cautious that introducing those carbs back into my diet might make my body immediately store them but I think with those SP days it will stop this happening.

So four days on Extra Easy with oh so sweet jacket potato for dinner, and sweet potato and pasta for lunch (drool) and then three days on the SP I hope will kick-start a big loss again. Something that I need as I’m only 1.5lbs away from the next stone bracket down and I really want this before the end of the month.

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