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Finally in the next stone bracket down

Yep, you read that right I had a lovely weight loss of 2.5lbs tonight which means I am now finally in to the next stone down. Cannot actually remember when I was last in this number so I am chuffed. Especially after a previous bad week on Slimming World, eating synful food (post here).

I have now lost a total of 1 stone 6.5lbs since starting this Slimming World weight-loss journey at the end of November. Although I’m not seeing the results myself yet it certainly does feel good to see that number on the scales going down and down.

With no obstacles in my way or meals out this week I’m feeling positive that I can lose the same again next Wednesday. I’ve got lunches all sorted and have been cooking more, even though it’s the last thing I want to do when getting in from work, and I went for that mammoth walk on Sunday.

photo 1

I’m planning to cook a bolognese this coming week along with trying out some recipes suggested online to try and diversify my diet a bit, as there are only so many cans of beans I can eat! Onwards and upwards 🙂


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