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Weigh in at Slimming World today and I’m hopeful

So weigh in tonight at Westbourne’s Slimming World and with a relatively guilt-free week I’m positive for a good loss. I was however supposed to have an SP plan day (explanation of that here) on Saturday but actually forgot and only remembered when I was munching a jacket potato with Laughing Cow light triangles that I’m not meant to be eating potato.

Here’s what I made for lunch for the week (was enough to feed an army!):

Stage one – chicken , mushroom, courgette and onion


Add pasta


Add sweetcorn and tinned tomatos


Ready for the week

So with doing well with lunches, Monday night was a massive test of my willpower and apart from a few chips and a fruit cider I resisted buying a greasy burger with mountains of mayonnaise and syns and ended up eating a lump of chicken that I brought from Tesco beforehand.

Example of said greasy burger – how many syns!

Will update you of the result on Thursday but need to keep this going and aim for 4lb losses again as with a wedding to attend in the Autumn my goal is to get into a size 12 bridesmaid’s dress!

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