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A little update on my weight loss journey

So after a little break from thinking about blogging and what to actually blog about I thought it was only right to update you on my weight loss journey through Slimming World and how it’s been a complete mix of being good and being ridiculously bad.

So last week I lost 2lbs and got slimmer of the week for two weeks in a row of having good losses; this meant that in total I am only 2.5lbs away from the 2 stone weight loss point.

So with this in mind my target for this week (weigh in on Wednesday) is 2.5lbs however I knew that I was going out Saturday night for Valentine’s Day so before this evening I was doing good. Sticking to Slimming World friendly food and not going over my syns at all but then it got to Saturday.

I ended up eating one of these in the morning…

Marks and spencers cupcakes
Raspberry filling too!

And then a bag of toffee popcorn in the cinema, a chicken mayonnaise and sweetcorn sandwich and then 3 courses and 1.5 bottles of white wine and the majority of a big bar of Cadburys with the popping candy and jelly bits in….didn’t even bother counting those syns!!!

Sunday then meant a hangover where I didn’t eat too badly but still didn’t eat the right things as who wants to eat brown bread and pasta and healthy shit when you’re feeling shit? So completely wrote of the weekend.

Then today had this for lunch…


Not too bad but then as I’ve been having a really down month it was accompanied by this…


I am not expecting anywhere near this 2.5lbs weight loss this week and I’m not too hung up on it. I’ve been feeling unmotivated and crap in myself so attempting to lose weight is the last thing on my mind, so on Wednesday when it says a gain I’m not going to beat myself up. Just going to deal with it, move on and do better for next week.

February has just been a constant state of feeling down and my willpower on many occasions has decided to leave me, of course that’s no excuse but I’m using it as have felt so crap that I hadn’t cared what I’m shovelling in my face.

However Wednesday is a new week and I can get back to eating healthier food like this…


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