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Slimming World weight-loss journey

So from my last post you know that I really didn’t have a great week last week, I actually ended up putting on 3lbs! Yep, the same amount that I put on over Christmas! And yes it was bad but it happens and I’m fine with it as the huge bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk was worth it in my hour of need.

However I have been back on track this week (bar a few cake sample courtesy of a wedding show that I helped my mum out with) and even tried the new Slimming World meals. Armed with my 2 meals for a fiver coupon I headed to Iceland and brought myself the beef with carrot and swede mash and the vegetable pasta bake.

As you can see in the picture it didn’t look that great on a plate…

Reality vs photoshopped image
Reality vs photoshopped image

To be honest it wasn’t horrendous, the beef actually tasted of beef and although the carrot and swede mush was watery it was surprisingly filling and tasty. I’ve been on a few days of the SP plan to try and get myself back on track, so the usual pasta for lunch has been this…

Ham, lettuce and a lot of chicken

Will let you know how I get on when weigh in comes Wednesday evening but dinners have also looked like this which is all good on the SP plan, so I’m hoping for a positive result…


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