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As Slimming World continues its appearing to get tougher

Saturday night consisted of a chicken korma, a peshwari naan and onion rice I didn’t feel as guilty as I should have done as I knew that this weekend wasn’t a good one. With the night after involving a family meal at a beef eater, again consuming food which is not Slimming World friendly, it was two nights in a row, not long before weigh in, that is going to make a difference. However after a very unhealthy chicken burger and a bottle of cider and a black forest gateau dessert it did something much worse than potentially effect the scales – it’s made me miss food.

How many syns?

It got me thinking about how much I really do miss food. On Slimming World they promote the fact that you shouldn’t go hungry but it’s the chocolate, the crisps, the pizza that I miss. I miss the going out and using TablePouncer and getting 50% off the bill, date nights have since been limited as going out for restaurant food is now not an option. 

Up until this point I’ve been ok, blocking out the bad food and not even having the urge to cheat. But now if I see chocolate I’m craving it, the carvings are back and they are back with a vengeance.

Thankfully it’s not got to the point where I’m cheating but the urge and desire for unhealthy food is strong, after work all I want it quick and easy oven food – chips and pies and pizza. 

Instead I know I have to cook something and yes jacket potato might be quick but it’s not pizza.

I’ve been doing this since the end of November and it’s nearly 2 stone (very nearly) lost but the weight losses each week are slowing down and I know know is the time to step up the exercise. 

Healthy lunch

With Pure Gym only £13 a month and with it being only 5 minutes down the road I have no excuse, I’m even only approx 7 minutes away from the beach so again no excuse but to get out the flat and go for a power walk. 

After my 3lbs weight gain a few weeks ago I am still struggling to get that off…2.5lbs of it is off and my weigh in last night left me feeling a bit deflated as only lost half a pound!

But with my new determination for exercise (trust me this won’t last) I’m hoping they I can get those big losses again and get past the two stone mark.

Anyone else on Slimming World feeling the same, is this normal to have cravings like this at this stage?

1 thought on “As Slimming World continues its appearing to get tougher”

  1. I know how you feel. I’ve reached that 2 stone loss point (wow!!) I really didn’t think it was going to be so easy – even though it took a year!), but I’m beginning get the same feeling that I’m slipping upwards again. Holidays don’t help – the urge to indulge is so strong!! Shopping is the biggest chore now – I’ve loved cooking the SW recipes but started to hate all the shopping involved – there’s always something I haven’t got in!… But I feel so much better in myself having lost the weight that I don’t want to lose that feeling. I just need a way of revitalizing the ‘mind-set’!


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