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Ways to annoy a Slimming World member

So you’ve been going to Slimming World for about 6 months now on your own, making food choices…on your own, yes you might some weeks put on a few pounds, but on the whole you’ve lost a good amount of weight and tis beginning to show. Yet there will always be those that think they know it all, those that must tell you eating pasta is bad, that the sauce you use on your salad isn’t good for you and that how can eating all those potatoes aid weight loss?

You might even gladly tell them how much you’ve lost by eating all those bad potatoes and pasta but it doesn’t stop their spouting! Yes welcome to the ways to really annoy a Slimming World-er.

1) Why can’t you come for dinner they’ve got pasta there, that’s healthy.

Yes the pasta might be healthy but no restaurant will just give you a bowl of plain pasta, they will either smother it in creamy sauce full of syns or tomato sauce that is equally sugary and therefore synful.

2) Should you really be putting all that sauce on your lettuce.

Yes, I have already looked up the syn value and its low fat, ok’d in the book and allowed, so leave me eating my lunch please with my sauce covered leaves.

3) I’ve read that it’s all about eating in moderation, so you can have those biscuits that we’ve brought for the office as long as you don’t eat them all the time.

Agreed, I can eat them if I add them to my syns per day but I don’t really want one shortbread biscuit at 5 syns just to please you thanks.

4) But I’ve read by dietians that as long as you burn off more than you’re putting in nobody needs to drastically change their diet they much.

Agreed, but when you’ve done an 8 hour day and have another 4 hours worth of work to get done when you get home who really wants to try and fit in exercise?

5) You can’t eat that mini egg, I’m doing it for your own good.

Look matey I’m craving chocolate massively right now and it’s one syn per egg which I’ve factored into my daily allowance so give me that goddam mini egg!

6) Let’s just get that impulse Subway as you can make up for it tomorrow.

Doesn’t work! Come tomorrow you’ve forgotten about the food you ate the day before because you’re too busy looking up the syn values of today’s food.

Stay strong Slimming World’ers as we know what we’re doing.

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