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Success and disasters with my attempts at Slimming World dishes

Having been on Slimming World now since November 2014 it’s safe to say I’ve been sticking to the same meals and snacks since I joined. This has so far been working fine as out of my 5 stone goal I’ve lost 2 stone 2.5lbs however I’ve just simply become bored of meal times and see them as a chore rather than an enjoyable task.

With this in mind I decided to venture out and use the plethora of recipes on the Slimming World website and put together some alternative meals and relatively syn free snacks. I soon discovered that I can indeed cook but I cannot bake to save my life, a shame really since my mum does it full time and produces cakes like this…


One fabulous disaster were these brownies. I followed the recipe a fellow Slimming World-er put online to the letter, making sure I did everything right. However I’ve now learnt that anything involving egg will just turn into an omelette with me. So this time instead of these ‘brownies’ resembling something chocolatey and cakey they instead ended up tasting like an eggy sponge, also when I say sponge I don’t mean a sponge cake I mean they literally tasted like a washing up sponge! Safe to say I won’t be trying those again!


One success however was a Slimming World-friendly quiche. Made with ‘Pasta ‘n’ sauce’ as a substitute for the pastry it really did taste good. You cook the pasta first, transfer it to a glass dish, then mix a pot of 0% fat cottage cheese with 3 eggs and add that to the pasta. I also softened some broccoli, mushrooms and yellow pepper first and added that to it too. Cook on about 180c for 25 mins and voilà a syn-free ‘quiche’ that tastes really good.



Breakfasts have always been bran flakes since I started as I just don’t have time in the morning to make anything. So it consists of dry bran flakes out off a sandwich bag at my desk at 9am. So on the weekends I like to treat myself to something else. I don’t really like the taste of natural yoghurt unless it’s got stuff in it, so overnight oats with fruit is a winner. I shove some yoghurt in a glass bowl put in some oats and some chopped fruit, then mix it all up and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Come the morning the oats have absorbed the yoghurt and it’s good to go especially when you stir in an options hot chocolate over it for a bit of a sweet fix.


Here are some other things I’ve tried which can safely go into the success category:

Chicken stir fry
Baked apples with a spoonful of mince meat

What successes and disasters have you had? Always interested to try new recipes and ideas.

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