Non slimming world friendly food.
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Slimming world: Gains, gains, gains 

So the clue is in the title but since September I’ve done nothing but gain each week, skipped group and got myself completely into the wrong mind set. I’ve also decided to steer clear of the SP Plan too for a bit as it made my body go into starvation mode and the weight losses just weren’t happening.

Here’s where it went wrong…

My main focus the middle of the year was being bridesmaid at my mums wedding, it was the goal:

  • To lose as much weight as possible by 4th September
  • Keep my mind focused.

So when the 4th came and went so did my willpower. My cheat nights (weigh-in nights) turned into cheat weeks and, upon looking in my book, I’ve been gaining since September.

End of August I’d lost over two and a half stone, now….only 1 stone 11lbs lost. I’ve eaten out, I’ve brought unhealthy lunches, made bad choices for snacks and brought throw-in-the-oven dinners when I couldn’t be bothered to cook instead of preparing something the night before.

The combination of the wedding coming and going and packing up a flat and moving from Bournemouth to Buntingford to start a London job has meant my focus has been anywhere but Slimming World.

This is a snapshot of what I’ve had when ‘synning’ hadn’t even entered my radar:

Non slimming world friendly food.
Slimming world definitely went out the window here
You get the idea that it’s not been great. But I’ve tried to pull it back after transferring groups and becoming more focused from the middle-ish of October. My lunches have been prepared and my dinners have somewhat been more planned but the quick trips to Tesco on my sprint to work in the morning have resulted in almond croissants and reduced sandwiches (although I did buy grapes the other morning and felt very proud of myself). Also dinners have been hit and miss, the work day and the London commute sometimes results in a very tired Aimee who can’t be bothered to cook so out comes the frozen pizza.

Here’s some of the more healthier-less-syn options I’ve had recently:

Slimming world friendly jacket potato

Slimming world friendly pasta with chicken

Slimming world friendly Pasta with vegetarian sausages

Slimming world friendly chicken salad

So with what I’ve been eating for lunches above getting me slightly back on the right path I lost 1.5lbs at weigh in on Wednesday which I was pleased with. But with Halloween happening and a gig I know that alcohol is going to be my nemesis this week and dreading what those scales are going to say on Wednesday. Also I need to point out that Ive stopped going to the gym as soon as I moved and there isn’t really a cheap enough one nearby to start again so that is definitely affecting my motivation.

I think with Christmas coming up that might become my new goal. I know Christmas for most is a time to not think about eating and to just stuff your face with chocolate, mince pies and booze and I ended up putting on 5lbs last year. So if I can lose over two stone again by middle of December I will be a happy chappy.

2 thoughts on “Slimming world: Gains, gains, gains ”

  1. I’m in a weigh gain rut! It’s like I’m self sabotaging! I just don’t want pasta, rice and potatoes I want white bread, crisps and chocolate! Need to get back on the wagon and plan my weeks better! It’s so hard once you’ve tasted ‘diet freedom’ to restrict yourself especially with Christmas fast approaching and all the lovely temptations in the shops!!

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    1. That’s the thing once you’ve tasted all the good food you used to have its near impossible to just stop again. All the slimming world substitutes for nice food sometimes just doesn’t cut it! A Freddo frog though is 5 syns so we could have three of those and still be ok.
      Good luck 🙂


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